What is Erbe Wealth?

We all know that investing is beneficial for so many reasons. We are told from a young age that we need to put aside savings and make sure we have a nest egg.  The idea of sacrificing now to get benefits down the road is not the only way to invest.  What if you could invest, still have cash flow, and but also have your money working for you at all times.

Passive income investing is not like other investing strategies.  Many investing strategies focus only on the long-term, tying up your cash for years, decades, or longer before you can realize any benefit.

What is Erbe Wealth?

Erbe is a German word meaning heritage or legacy.  And that is precisely what Erbe Wealth is for, your legacy.  This investing is not just a way to provide income today but also to provide lasting wealth for future generations.

Founded by Stephanie Walter, Erbe is also a nod to her father who taught her the value of investing for long-term growth and short-term cash flow.  Stephanie recently retired and sold her insurance agency of 16 years by following the key principles she teaches professionals to use.  She teaches professional people to “unlearn” what most of us have been wired to think about money and re-educating people on attaining wealth that can be passed on to the next generation.  She is a gateway between these professionals and well vetted deals.

What is a Syndication?

Syndication is an efficient way to make your money work more efficiently for you.  Your investment is pooled with other investors to acquire a larger property and often paying more significant returns.  Often, the property is too large or too costly for just one investor, so the pooled investment is ideal for a group.

As the syndicator, Stephanie is tasked with finding and vetting the property for her investors.

Who is Erbe For?

Erbe is for the overworked individual looking for a better life. We want to help you create wealth, not just a windfall. This gives you the freedom to live the life you want and can help you create multiple income streams that don’t involve working more or trading more of your time for money.

Forget What You Think You Know About Investing

Many investing forms are long-term games, meaning you invest now, and you won’t get to enjoy the benefits until much later.  You don’t have to think about investing as putting money away for later.  There is a way for you to invest, have cash flow now and create a legacy for your children and grandchildren. Erbe can help you.

If you would like to know more, I would like to talk to you.  There is so much to learn and having a financial educator in your corner is key to making good decisions about where to invest.

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