What is Your Mindset Around Money?

Money Mindset

What a minute, you may be thinking, I didn’t come to read about psychological stuff. I’m interested in becoming financially independent.  I would argue if you don’t have the right mindset you will never reach your financial goals.  We are told many things about money from a very young age that effect our attitude about money and some of these beliefs may actually hold us back from achieving our goals.  How do I know this?  I deal with the wealthy on a daily basis and how what they do and how they think about money may surprise you.

There are 2 prevailing mindsets about money: scarcity and abundance.  Scarcity is seeing money as a finite pie, once a piece is taken there is less for everyone.  I use the visual of a granny hiding her money under the mattress, or a person keeping their money in a bank not utilizing it in any way. 

Abundance is viewed as money is always flowing there is plenty to go around and we can always create more and if you get money you are not taking money from someone else, you can prosper with other people.  I use the visual image of a person investing their money.  It is never sitting in a bank or under a mattress it is being used at all times.  The money is a tool working for the owner

Carol Dwick a Stanford psychologist wrote a book called Mindset: the new psychology of success she shows how success in almost every area of life can be influenced by how we think about money, career relationships.  Once we harness the power of our mindset we will have success in every part of our lives.  So if you are serious about achieving success with money you must learn how to master yours.

Need help mastering yours?

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