Erbe Legacy 1031 Exchanges for Active Real Estate Investors

1031 Exchange for Active Real Estate Investors

In my quest to uncover the secrets of the wealthy, the most surprising thing I learned from them was tax mitigation.  What does that mean?  Well it’s like you are in a game of chess.  The average investor, Joe is just thinking about his next move, i.e. getting good returns on his investment but in contrast, the wealthy are several moves ahead in this game because they are concerned not only about the returns BUT they are also concerned about mitigating their taxes at the end of the day.  The crazy thing is by ignoring tax implications and only focusing on returns you a missing a “HUGE” eroder of wealth.  In the syndication space no other concept is more powerful to you that of the 1031 exchange.  But most operators in this space don’t know the first thing about working with 1031 exchanges. 


What is a 1031 exchange?

This refers to section 1031 in the IRS tax code that allows investors to sell investment real estate, then buy replacement “like-kind” property with little to no tax liability resulting from the gain. 

There are obviously some rules to follow in order to properly defer the payment of the tax on the gain, but it is one of the most powerful tax strategies many real estate investors take advantage of.


So can I invest in an apartment syndication using a 1031 exchange?

The answer is YES!

I say this with 2 very essential caveats:

1)  You must work with an operator who is familiar with working in this space and has an attorney who is experienced in setting these up.

2)  The deal must be structured as a TIC (tenants in Common).  In this ownership structure, two or more people entities can own separate shares of the same real property.  Each person hold an individual undivided deeded ownership interest which helps satisfy the IRS rules and can accept the 1031 funds into the project.

Why would I consider a syndication to invest in?

If you are on my website you are likely tired of dealing with the day to day responsibilities of actively managing real estate.  And would like to take advantage of another investment strategy that has been used by the wealthy, insurance companies and banks for a hundred years.  It attracts these investors because it is a unique wealth creation strategy which allows you to receive immediate cash flow, appreciation, and long-term wealth creation are all the things that attract investors to this amazing asset class.

Please look below and listen to the most common questions we get from 1031 investors.

“I’ll put it this way… this method provides you as a 1031 investor an opportunity to deploy your capital in which you are limiting your risk, increasing your potential for cash flow, increasing your appreciation and you are limiting your downsides.  So the question is why would you not as a 1031 party seriously think about deploying your 1031 capital in a well vetted syndication?” 

Stephanie Walter

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I am a Home Mortgage Consultant and have had the opportunity to refer Stephanie to many of my clients over the years. Because of Stephanie’s honesty, integrity and hard work, I have no concerns about referring my clients to her. The clients who have worked with Stephanie have provided me with positive feedback and were happy that I connected them to Stephanie. She is knowledgeable and will take the time to fully explain and answer any question you have and she is great to work with.

Trent Peaker
Megastar Financial Corp.

Stephanie is knowledgeable, professional and has been a tremendous partner to me. She treats my investment dollars with the utmost respect and strives to provide the best returns on my money. I am VERY happy I chose to partner with her on this project and look forward towards investing with her on future opportunities.

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Ken Goldstein
BrightBytes, Inc

I’ve known and worked with Stephanie for 10+ years and have always been impressed with her business and investment savvy. She embodies integrity and maintains a focus on what’s best for the client. As a fiduciary, I know I can trust her to be honest and to work hard to uncover opportunities that align with my best interest.

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Joanna Bartnik
Portfolio Management


About Stephanie Walter

Capital Raiser, Syndicator, Investor, Business owner, Financial educator

15 years insurance agency owner

Erbe Legacy Banking is for you, the overworked individual looking for a better life. I want to help you create true wealth so you are free to live the life YOU WANT. I want to help you create MULTIPLE streams of income that does not involve trading more of your time for money.

I like to educate my eligible investors about how no invest in our cash flow real estate investments. This monthly cash flow allows a specific plan for financial freedom or retirement. Our opportunities come up a few times a year and are routinely oversubscribed.

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