Passive Income Strategy

We offer our investors the opportunity to leverage shares on our commercial property into a passive income, without the day to day management headache. Our experienced team thoroughly evaluates properties to find assets that are undervalued due to mismanagement or disengaged management. Once identified we acquire and improve the asset. The result is an asset that increases in value while most importantly produces a predictable monthly income and favorable tax advantages.

5 Reasons putting your money into a 401K and similar plans is NOT the way to build a stable retirement income

  1. Lack of liquidity – Money is locked away until you are 59 ½
  2. No cash Flow- No cash flow until you retire
  3. Market dependency- Performance of funds depend on market factors that most people don’t understand.  Your retirement is bases on UNKNOWNABLE projections.  Does that make for comfortable retirement planning?
  4. Tax Deferral – Two questions for you:
    1. If you don’t like paying taxes today when you know what the rates are why would you want to pay them in an unknown future?
    2. Do you think your taxes will be higher now or in the future?
  5. Estate Taxes- Dirty little secret I’ll let you in on.  401K’s are sitting ducks for estate taxes.  Much of the money is underused because people put off with drawing for so long so when you pass away the money is subject to BOTH income tax and estate tax.  So the government is taking a healthy chunk before it is passed to your heirs.

Bye-Bye generational wealth.

It begs the question who are the REAL beneficiaries of the 401K program?

  • Money institutions 
  • Government

So if your current planner is focused only on market return with no tax strategy they are leaving you VERY vulnerable when you retire.

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Stephanie is knowledgeable, professional and has been a tremendous partner to me. She treats my investment dollars with the utmost respect and strives to provide the best returns on my money. I am VERY happy I chose to partner with her on this project and look forward towards investing with her on future opportunities.

Ken Profile
Ken Goldstein
BrightBytes, Inc

I’ve known and worked with Stephanie for 10+ years and have always been impressed with her business and investment savvy. She embodies integrity and maintains a focus on what’s best for the client. As a fiduciary, I know I can trust her to be honest and to work hard to uncover opportunities that align with my best interest.

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Joanna Bartnik
Portfolio Management

I am a Home Mortgage Consultant and have had the opportunity to refer Stephanie to many of my clients over the years. Because of Stephanie’s honesty, integrity and hard work, I have no concerns about referring my clients to her. The clients who have worked with Stephanie have provided me with positive feedback and were happy that I connected them to Stephanie. She is knowledgeable and will take the time to fully explain and answer any question you have and she is great to work with.

Trent Peaker
Megastar Financial Corp.

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About Stephanie Walter

Capital Raiser, Syndicator, Investor, Business owner, Financial educator

15 years insurance agency owner

Erbe Legacy Banking is for you, the overworked individual looking for a better life. I want to help you create true wealth so you are free to live the life YOU WANT. I want to help you create MULTIPLE streams of income that does not involve trading more of your time for money.

I like to educate my eligible investors about how no invest in our cash flow real estate investments. This monthly cash flow allows a specific plan for financial freedom or retirement. Our opportunities come up a few times a year and are routinely oversubscribed.

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