Commercial Real Estate Pro Network: Biggest Risk

Commercial Real Estate Pro Network podcast

I think you know what? That’s a good question. I think that the biggest risk, if it comes down to people investing in syndications is I guess, really understanding the team of people that you invest with? Seeing that they have a track record. I actually have, on my website of, I think about 30 questions that I get from almost every investor, and they involve risk and how to mitigate it. And so that’s definitely a good, a good, you know, spot to start. I think the largest risk that I’ve seen personally of you know, people who have invested in syndications and kind of maybe not done so well, the last few years, I think, and knowing your market, or at least, being with people that really understand the market, that they’re working in. That that I think, is huge. Because, you know, we’ve seen dramatic differences, like I said, between say, a B property, how it’s performed through COVID versus a C property.

As far as rent collections, we’ve seen differences in the way that you know, that these properties have done in Florida as opposed to say, Indiana You know, there’s just there are definite you know, things about these these different markets that either you need to trust the you know, team that’s bringing you these deals, but these are there are risks, you know, and you’re doing your due diligence is is definitely important.

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