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The Contrarian Investor podcast Stephanie Walter

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Stephanie Walter of Erbe Wealth joins the podcast to discuss some of the trade secrets of ultra-wealthy investors. Listeners may be shocked to hear about their very small allocation to public equities…

Content Highlights

A unique way to generate tax-free income through so-called premium financing insurance (1:51); The security works as a life insurance policy with a premium paid by a bank (5:45); These securities are illiquid, with a lock-up of 10 to 15 years, but the coupon pays double-digit percent — tax free (7:34); Cap rates are starting to rise, creating opportunities in commercial real estate. One example is retail in Wyoming (14:23); Office space is a different animal however. Too much risk, not enough reward (18:50); Background on the guest (22:27); Some of the ways ultra-wealthy allocate funds (very little to public equities), and the mindsets behind them (26:06); What about cryptos? (33:48); There are reasons to be concerned about the economy. Taxes could be a wild card here. Also interest rates (34:48).


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