Peer 2 Peer Real Estate: What the wealthy do differently in regards to money and their investments

Peer 2 Peer Real Estate podcast

Stephanie Walter has a singular focus: To help members of her 15%+ Community realize a consistent annual return on investment of 15% or more… sometimes, much more. She does this by providing access to extremely well-vetted multi-family real estate investment opportunities in carefully-selected markets across the United States where an annual ROI of 15% is not just possible, but likely.

Or you might prefer to see just how well Stephanie’s clients have done in reality on any one of the past projects she’s recommended. You can see all of her past projects here, each and every one of which have substantially exceeded the 15% per year target threshold. Nearly all of them actually exceed 20% per year, some even exceeding 30%+ per year.

Since 2016 Stephanie has closed on over $280 million worth of real estate assets across 12 different projects. This allowed her to “retire” in July 2021 by selling her previous business – a successful insurance agency – and focusing exclusively on her passion of connecting well-qualified investors with genuinely high-quality investment opportunities so they, too, can yield 15% or more – sometimes much more – each and every year.

Don’t give up on your dreams, fight for it and guard it.

Keep the momentum going, Good things will happen.

Recommended Book:
Killing Sacred Cows- Garrett Gunderson

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