MULTIFAMILY AP360: Raising money is like a marathon sport

Multifamily ap360 podcast

Stephanie Walter is a Capital Raiser, Syndicator, and the CEO of Erbe Wealth.She recently retired and sold her insurance agency of 16 years by following the key principles she teaches professionals– to “unlearn” what most of us have been wired to think about money and re-educating people to learn the secrets of the wealthy investor that can be life-transforming. She has authored the e-book “The Business Professional’s Guide to Real Passive Income” which outlines five steps any busy professional can take to reach financial freedom through passive investing.

Key Highlights

– What do the wealthy do differently in regard to money and their investment

– Advantage of using 1031 exchange

– Important factors to consider when raising capital for investments

– Positioning yourself to attract investors

– Common mistakes when raising capital

– Best and challenging investing experience

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