Shattering Money Myths

When most people contemplate retirement, they think about their 401(k)s or similar investment vehicles. They may also consider real estate–but not in the ways that it can be most effective in retirement.

In this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan speaks to Stephanie Walter, founder and CEO of Erbe Wealth. You’ll hear how Stephanie shifted from investing solely in residential real estate to syndications, ultimately leading her to sell her insurance business and create a full-time real estate investing career. She explains some of the greatest money myths, where she’s most interested in investing today, and her thoughts on the future of commercial redevelopment.

Stephanie Walter is a wealth strategist, speaker, and syndicator who “retired” in 2021 when she sold her insurance business of 16 years in 2021. She teaches hardworking professionals to redefine what wealth and investing can look like. Stephanie believes her strategy for achieving wealth is available to anyone willing to change their mindset.

Don’t miss this episode, where you’ll hear some secrets of the wealthy!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How Stephanie Walter’s father first introduced her to the idea of real estate investing.
  • Her first investment property and why she chose a less popular location.
  • Stephanie’s shift from the insurance industry into full-time real estate investing and syndication.
  • Raising money for syndications and why she only works with accredited investors.
  • The value of referrals in real estate syndications and who Stephanie’s ideal investors are.
  • The way the wealthy view money and how their perspective changed how she viewed her investments.
  • What her company, Erbe Wealth, does and some of the biggest money myths surrounding building wealth.
  • Why more investors are diversifying their portfolios with real estate.
  • The increase in the syndicator pool.
  • The locations of Stephanie’s properties and why she’s now concentrating on areas near her instead.
  • What the wealthy’s risk tolerance really looks like.
  • The investments she’s looking for now in larger-scale deals.
  • Where she thinks syndications are going and why she’s shifting her investment strategy.
  • The future of commercial redevelopment Stephanie’s new book and where you can find it.
  • Her dad’s advice that shaped the way she views real estate

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