Would you like to have more tax free retirement income?

Stephanie Walter is a wealth strategist, capital raiser, syndicator, author, and the CEO of Erbe Wealth.  She has been helping her clients to follow the key principles she has learned from her wealthy investors.  She teaches professional people to “unlearn” what most of us have been wired to think about money and she re-educates people to learn the secrets of the wealthy investor that can be life-transforming

Main point:

What are some of the money myths you discuss in your book? What is Tax treatment diversification? What has been the history of tax rates? What is the major asset allocation problem for 90% of middle Americans and why that will be a big wake-up call when they retire? Is it possible to set up a tax-free income in retirement? How is this done? What is a sequence of returns risk and why should I care?

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