How did your projects do during COVID-19?

Description:  A summary of how our properties have performed through COVID

COVID-19 is really the latest proof that I’ve been guiding my clients well.  Literally ALL of the projects that I’ve directed my clients to in recent years not only survived but thrived during the pandemic.  Specifically, ALL of our properties maintained 95%+ rental collection rates during that scary time, and that’s basically the same as we’ve experienced during historically “normal” times.

Frankly, I couldn’t be any happier for the success my clients have had through such a scary time. And frankly, those great results through the pandemic even extends to some retail property that my clients funded.  I don’t know if any sector was more thoroughly damaged by covid than retail… but even there, our retail property project has fared very, very well… it’s remained profitable the entire time.  And that is again testament to just how important it is to wisely select the markets into which you’ll invest… because a rising tide lifts all boats.

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