Why do you prefer multifamily investments so strongly?

Description:  An overview of the main reasons multi-family tends to be such a strong investment in 2021

It’s pretty hard not to prefer that asset class, honestly.  Just think about… in one asset class, you can get strong cash flow, strong capital gains, breathtaking tax benefits and strong results that, in my experience and those of my clients, have resulted in typical annualized returns of  20-25% per year.

Now I don’t know if you know this… but 20% per year can make you rich, period.  25% per year is nothing short of astronomical… and yet, good, well-managed and carefully selected multifamily projects nearly always meet and sometimes even exceed that 20-25% range.

Then you put all of that together with one more feature of this asset class, and it’s just unbeatable.  That feature is that multifamily properties just tend to be consistent, predictable and reliable.  It’s certainly true that nobody can predict precisely what a project will do on the front end, but in my experience of being involved with many different multifamily projects, what I’ve seen is that this kind of project allows me and my clients to sleep well at night, DESPITE getting such strong returns.

That’s pretty hard to beat.

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