You’ve talked a lot about picking great projects on the front end. What criteria do you use for selecting great projects?

Description:  A discussion of the criteria we use when selecting an investment properties that are a “good deal” for our investors

There are a lot of them, but the fundamentals are constant and clear:

I look for projects where my clients will be investing into a very strong geographic market where there’s clear growth in population, employment and income.

I’m looking for places that are right in the path of progress, which you can tell by way of mass migration of residents and/or new employers.

I look for projects that are led by highly experienced managers… people who have been there, done that, and have already cashed the check on prior projects many times before.

And I look for projects where the prevailing political philosophy of the region is one that has a high view of business, entrepreneurship and landlords.  I simply won’t invest in places where there’s clear political bias against any of those things.

There are more specifics, obviously.  But those are some of the most central fundamentals that I view as absolutely requirements.

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