What is TFRA?

I work with many types of investors from the very high earning to the lower income.  And I work with people in ALL age groups.  I get the same questions from them… “is there something special, some magical shortcut, I can do to have an amazing retirement?”  The answer is there are only 3 levers you can adjust to affect your retirementWhat is TFRA?

  1. How much you are saving
  2. How much time you have until retirement 

And I believe the most important lever…

  • Where you save you money

I work to invest my investors’ money where appropriate in a TFRA.  (Tax Free Retirement Account) 

Why a TFRA?   It’s hands down the best product:

-to have more income in retirement

-to pay as little taxes as possible

-to avoid the roller coaster ride and potential retirement destruction of stock market risk

I have found that only about 30% of people I speak with I can actually help with our strategies and programs. The other 70% I either point in a better direction than working with me or sometimes tell them to just keep doing what they’re doing.

So, I have found that if we just start with a 5-minute conversation we can uncover pretty quickly whether I can help you with your specific goals or if it would make more sense to point you in a different direction than us. 

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