100+ Unit Apartment Syndication with Stephanie Walter

I was a guest at Dan Breslin’s The REI Diamonds Show. Take a listen to learn about the REAL Estate Investing Jewels of Wisdom.

Episode: 100+ Unit Apartment Complex Syndication with Stephanie Walter Guest: Stephanie Walter is the Founder & CEO of Erbe Wealth. Stephanie began investing in single family homes in Colorado while owning & operating her insurance agency business. She has since exited that business and sold all of her single family rentals to focus solely on larger commercial real estate syndication deals. Big Idea: Recognizing the Opportunity to Sell Appreciated, Low Cash Flowing Deals and Transitioning to Larger Apartment Syndication Deals. Stephanie and I discuss her decisions to exit both single family rentals AND her insurance agency business to focus solely on larger, less active-truly passive commercial real estate deals.

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