Accelerated Real Estate Investor Podcast: Stephanie Walter on Raising Capital, Syndications and Creating Legacy Wealth

Accelerated Real Estate Investor podcast

There’s a ton of action in multifamily housing and apartments right now–and it’s creating a lot of exciting opportunities and business models for investors at every level.

Today’s guest, Stephanie Walter, has a proven track record of creating legacy wealth with passive real estate investing. After she retired from the insurance industry and sold her business, she became the CEO of Erbe Wealth to focus on raising capital and real estate syndication. She connects her select investors with extremely desirable investment opportunities and is an expert in tax mitigation and 1031 exchanges.

In our conversation, you’ll learn how Stephanie transitioned out of the world of insurance, found her first JV opportunities and co-syndication plans, and how to find great partnerships as you pursue deals of your own.

We also dig into some of the other projects Stephanie’s working on, including fundraising for fintech startups, what she’s doing to hedge against inflation, and what investors should be prepping for as they plan for the future.

Key Takeaways with Stephanie Walter
The tools and metrics Stephanie uses to evaluate a potential rental market.
Why Stephanie only invests with one partner who buys pocket listings.
The importance of being able to convince a broker that you can close a deal.
How Stephanie aims to structure deals and investor returns.
Why she sold her portfolio of single family homes and her insurance agency in 2019 to go all-in on multifamily.
Stephanie’s advice for anyone who wants to become a co-syndicator.
Stephanie’s favorite ways to find money and get new investors into her funnels and conversions.

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