Money Myths So You Can Create Legacy Wealth

“Don’t wait so long to follow your dreams.” – Stephanie Walter

Mastering the Art of Liquidity Events with Stephanie Walter on the Deep Wealth Podcast

In this episode of the Deep Wealth Podcast, host Jeffrey Feldberg talks with guest Stephanie Walter about wealth creation, business exits, and liquidity events. As a successful entrepreneur and investor, Stephanie shares her experience, insights, and strategies on how to extract deep wealth from businesses. She also discusses her investment approach, her views on abundance and scarcity mindset, and how she teaches professionals key wealth-building principles. The conversation also covers tax strategies, real estate syndication, and the importance of diversification. Watch this episode to unlock the secrets of mastering liquidity events and creating deep wealth.

00:00 Introduction to Deep Wealth Podcast

00:20 The Importance of Mastering Liquidity Events

01:35 Introducing Stephanie Walter: A Legacy Cash Flow Specialist

02:03 The Wealthy’s Approach to Money and Investment

03:14 Stephanie’s Journey to Wealth and Success

07:03 The Mindset of Wealthy Investors

09:13 Understanding Tax Implications in Investments

12:00 The Power of Diversification in Investments

17:41 The Importance of Knowing Where to Invest

17:53 The Role of Real Estate Syndication in Wealth Accumulation

20:50 The Benefits of Fractional Ownership in Investments

22:06 The Impact of Rising Interest Rates on Investments

30:24 The Importance of Diversification in Wealth Accumulation

31:09 The Power of Compound Interest in Wealth Accumulation

35:44 Final Thoughts and Contact Information

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