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Episode 187 – Stephanie Walter on How ‘Unleashing Things’ can Maximize Your Investment Earnings.


How ‘Unlearning Things’ can Maximize your Investment Earnings: Welcome to Episode 187 of Building My Legacy

 In this podcast Stephanie Walter, CEO of ERBE Wealth, talks about how the wealthy become wealthy and maintain that wealth. More importantly, she explains that anyone can follow this successful formula by ensuring their investments create cash flow. Stephanie’s company specializes in real estate syndication — putting together a group of investors to purchase a piece of real estate that’s bigger than anyone could buy on their own. Investors are paid a monthly distribution — typically more than they’d earn on more traditional investments such as a 401k.

Syndication also offers important tax advantages, as Stephanie explains, another reason the wealthy are attracted to this type of investment. Whether you’re a would-be entrepreneur looking for a profitable business … someone who’s not getting ahead in a “W-2 job” … or looking for a new way to build your legacy … you’ll find our discussion with Stephanie very interesting.

So if you want to know:

  • What you need to “unlearn” to begin investing as the wealthy do
  • Why syndication can be a safe investment — even during a recession
  • Why most wealthy investors don’t have a 401k
  • How successful syndicators choose their markets and their properties
  • The tax advantages of “cost segregation” and 1031 exchange properties

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