Business Break Through with Estie Rand – Part 1


The mindset of the wealthy is utilization not accumulation. In this episode shares with us how to transition from the fear of not having enough money to the confidence that all of your money is constantly growing and the strategies that help you do just that.

My Guest: Stephanie Walter.

Today’s guest, Stephanie Walter, is the CEO of Erbe Wealth, a capital raiser, syndicator, and real estate investor. She recently retired and sold her insurance agency of 16 years by following the key principles she teaches professionals to use. She teaches professional people to “unlearn” what most of us have been wired to think about money and re-educating people on attaining lasting wealth. She is a gateway between these professionals and well vetted deals. Stephanie lives with her husband and young son in Colorado.


Rule Number 1: Never lose money. Rule Number 2: Never forget Rule Number 1.

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