Sage Wealth Strategy: Diversifying Your Wealth with Professional Capital Raising

Sage Wealth Strategy podcast

On today’s episode of the Wade Borth Podcast, Stephanie Walter, CEO of Erbe Wealth, joins us to talk about creating wealth through passive real estate investment. Stephanie specializes in multi-family real estate investment opportunities and shares her thought process of making your money work for you and how to make money on the buy.


Who is Stephanie Walter? – 0:19 The process of moving from insurance to real estate. – 3:14 Determining her tribe who helped her business grow. – 6:41 What her niche is. – 7:40 Waking with accredited investors. – 10:07 How does the economy affect her business? – 16:35 Money myths debunked. – 20:32 Who her clients and ideal clients are. – 25:24 How to reach out to Stephanie Walter and take advantage of their teachings. – 26:58

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