Financial Investing Radio: Invest Like The Wealthy To Change Your Life

Financial Investing Radio podcast

In this episode, I have the opportunity to talk with a self made entrepreneur who’s followed the footsteps of her amazing dad, and in the journey has discovered what the tips are that the wealthy use to invest to change your life.

Grant: Hey, everybody, welcome to another episode of Financial investing radio. So I have been trying to track down this person multiple times and admitted it was my fault. I could not get my calendar right to meet with Stephanie Walter. So glad to have her here with me today. I’m fascinated with her background, what she’s done in terms of growing wealth. But before I go any further, Stephanie, welcome.

Stephanie: Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it.

Grant: Yes, this is fun to have you here. Your journey is a fascinating one to me, because it’s this journey as I reviewed it, of gathering some financial capabilities, but then not resting on that, but rather using it to leverage for future wealth. So I don’t want to give that away because I want I want our listeners to hear this cool journey that you’ve gone on. But let’s rewind. Okay, let’s uh, we won’t go back to where you were raised as a kid. But let’s go back to you get out of school, and you’re thinking I’m gonna go do some work. And that led you down a certain path? Would you talk about that? Yeah, I did what like most people do, I got it. I just got a regular job with a corporation.

Stephanie: I had some interest in insurance. So I became a claims adjuster. And, and I sort of moved up the ranks pretty pretty quickly to where I was working kind of as a liaison between the attorneys in that represented the insurance companies and, and the insurance company. So that was, that was really interesting, but just, you know, working in a corporate setting, I remember that, you know, my pivotal point was I was getting a 2% Raise after my superiors had said, what a fantastic job I was. You’re welcome all 2% Did you get to keep all that 2%? Or did you know you got to keep?

Grant: That’s impressive. Yeah.

Stephanie: And I went home to my Dad, I just bought a house and was like, Dad, I just, you know, look at how much gets taken out. But with taxes, it was a big learning experience. I mean, well, as you know, I did put, you know, seven years into it, but just realize that, you know, if I’m making these 2% races for the rest of my life, you know, what is that going to look like? And my dad was an entrepreneur, actually, he’s a second generation entrepreneur. And he’s like, Well, you know, what you’re gonna get if you stay in this, but if you go out on your own, you know, really what you build will be up to you. And it’s your choice to do what you want to do. And I gave my my two week notice probably the next day, did you really? Oh, wow. That’s okay. Wow, a woman a decision and action. That’s awesome.

Grant: So, all right, so you gave you gave the two week notice you left, and then you didn’t go to the pool? That’s for sure. What did you go though?

Stephanie: Well, I have a I have a lot of relatives and insurance. And that’s kind of how I started in doing in claims to begin with. And so I just knew, you know, the company I was really familiar with, went and signed up with them, took all the classes to become an agent and and just, you know, started started working, you know, right off the bat, state and insurance agent for about 16 years.

See, I started that I’m trying to think of like timeframes, I think it was 2004. And then right around that same time, I kind of decided, you know, with the when the bottom fell out to buy some real estate, single family homes, right in an area in Denver, I’m a native, as I mentioned, where I felt like if there would be growth, from Denver that, you know, over time, these would probably be good, good investments to have. And that was in the Sloan’s Lake area if people are familiar. And so I became, you know, a untrained landlord, as well as a business owner at the same time, all in one shot.

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