Wickedly Smart Women: Creating Legacy Wealth Passively

We need to understand the basis for money but also understand that we’re in a rapidly shifting landscape. Getting support and help as we evolve as a society is the #1 most important thing we can do. Stephanie Walter wasn’t able to see this until she was put around wealthy investors. Even with an entrepreneur dad, Stephanie started out lost in a corporate job for 8 years. So, how did she manage to start a business, transform her money mindset, and get into passive real estate investing?

Stephanie Walter is a capital raiser, syndicator, real estate investor and CEO of Erbe Wealth, banking for active real estate investors looking to build legacy wealth with investing. After 8 years in the corporate world, Stephanie was tired of the 2% raises and knew they just weren’t going to cut it. She decided to start an insurance agency but still found herself stuck with money. It wasn’t until she attended a bootcamp on apartment complex investing when her money mindset completely shifted and her world changed. Now, Stephanie is on her 8th syndication and is helping investors build a legacy for themselves.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Stephanie joins Anjel to discuss how simple creating legacy wealth can be when we change our mindset and approach to investing. She describes how she’s changed her life with a shift in her mindset on money and shares her journey from working in corporate to retiring this year. Listen in for insight on passive real estate investing and learn how to shift from the mindset that’s keeping you from 20% yearly return.

What You Will Learn 

What it was like growing up with an entrepreneur dad

When Stephanie became fed up with the corporate world

How helpful it can be to have support when starting a business

What pushed Stephanie to work hard to make her business succeed

The bootcamp that completely changed Stephanie’s money mindset and future

How sometimes starting a certain business might not be the answer to everything

The mindset shift that Stephanie experienced with her own business and how she navigated that by eventually selling her insurance agency 

What exactly syndication is and how you can become wealthy with it

The mindset that is keeping you from a 20% yearly return

An insider look into what Stephanie’s business, Erbe Wealth is working on

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