REI Clarity Podcast: How to Retire Early with Syndications with Jeremy Goodrich

REI Clarity Podcast

If you’re looking to jump into multifamily real estate and grow your business, this conversation is for you!

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“That really was the magic of how I retired. I just repositioned money that wasn’t performing for me.”


Stephanie became an insurance agent in 2005. She started investing in single-family properties. In 2016, she became interested in syndications and realized how much she loved the capital raising part of it.

Stephanie completed her first syndication in 2018 which was a fraternity house. She’s done 6 until now and was able to replace her income with passive income.

“Many people haven’t heard of making money while they’re sleeping. Not “landlord sleeping”, but real, true, deep sleeping.“


Stephanie’s expertise in the deal is to bring the money. She shares her advice for capital raisers:

Find a good mentor.

Be a part of a little group of people with who you communicate regularly. This could be through a podcast, newsletter, or social media.

Networking is crucial for raising capital.

Stephanie talks about why syndication and multifamily investing are better than single-family investing. The vacancy is not that big of an issue in multifamily properties, and your money is working for you more efficiently.

Stephanie explains how wealthy people like to invest in businesses and people and not in their 401(k) and the stock market. They also know all the fees that they are paying for every transaction. 

“Build a group of people that listen to you and follow you.”


At the end of the episode, Stephanie picks action steps from the REI Clarity Framework that are the most valuable for her. These are the “Know Your Strategy” and “Find the Money”.

According to Stephanie, if you can raise money constantly, you will always have a place in the multifamily space. So if you’re interested in capital raising, start reaching out to people and build a community of people who trust you.

Also, try to find a networking group where people are just a bit better than you are so you can learn from them. 


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