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Your Magic Number?

What is your magic number for retirement?  We as a society are taught to fixate on wealth accumulation.  But accumulating wealth is a really small part of the overall equation.  What do you need...

Wealth Strategist vs Financial Planner

Wealth Strategist vs financial planner

What is a Wealth Strategist?       I believe there is a one size fits all financial strategy for everyone right now regardless of your financial position in life.  There are the advisors that are great...

The Cash Flow Chronicles-Jonathan Cattani

The Cash Flow Chronicles

Now available online! — I was a guest at The Cashflow Chronicles with Jonathan Cattani. Please click on the links below to listen with Apple podcast or Spotify. Apple podcast Spotify Link

Tax Free Income

Tax free income

I have learned so much from working with the very wealthy person.  They are assertively addressing and minimizing the largest eroder of wealth, Taxes.  Most people think they cannot do anything about taxes. They...

Premium Financed Life Insurance

Premium Financed Life Insurance

I would like to talk about an investment that I am very acquainted with through my wealthy investors.  It is a product that uses leverage much like real estate to achieve asymmetric growth.  But...


REITs VS. Syndication

One of the exciting prospects of a commercial real estate investment is that there are many options through which an individual can gain exposure to them. Two options are a real estate investment trust...

Multifamily Commercial Property

Commercial Real Estate Jargon Explained

Commercial real estate seems to be intimidating to a lot of people, especially when they receive a property summary of a new offering that we have. There are lots of words in that offering...