Which asset classes will be most profitable in 2021 & beyond?

Description:  A summary of what asset classes investors should seriously consider in 2021.

I’m partial to real estate, of course.  And any answer always includes the caveats that you should only invest in strong markets and with experienced investment managers.

But beyond that, if you want the steady-Eddie, virtually always correct answer, that answer is to look at multifamily real estate in strong markets.  It’s difficult to imagine multi-family becoming an undesirable asset class at any time soon.  The same goes for well-managed and well-located mobile home parks.

As for ground-up real estate development… I think 2021 will be a mixed bag.  While there will obviously be exceptions in both directions, I think it’s safe to say that smart money will put money into ground-up development projects when those projects are located in states with favorable tax and business policies, because it’s those policies that attract employers and it’s employers that attract residents.  Just follow the money… that’s generally a great way to make more money.

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