Welcome Real Estate Investing for Women Listeners

If you are here it is because you heard my interview with Moneeka Sawyer on the Real Estate Investing for Women Podcast.

I hope you enjoyed listening to us as much as I did talking to Moneeka.  She is a wonderful host who is enthusiastic about introducing you to the people and ideas that can improve your life.

I’m passionate about educating people on attaining wealth that can be enjoyed now and showing people how to build a legacy that can be passed on to the next generation.

I have no doubt that something resonated with you that drove you here, welcome!

·         Did my story resonate with you in some way?

·         Do you want to learn better ways to invest for retirement than putting your money in a 401K?

·         Do you want to see what the wealthy do differently in regards to money and their investments?

·         Do you want to experience the financial freedom that real estate syndication can provide?

·         Did you just want to learn more about that voice you heard on the show?

Whatever the reason, I’m glad you are here.

You can find the resources I mentioned during the interview here. Make sure to look around the site to learn more and see the newest resources to help your success.

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